Climate Change Package a 'game changer'


The climate change package announced by the Prime Minister and developed in concert with The Greens and independents is a game change, Total Environment Centre said today.

"The plan contains sufficient dynamic and interrelated components to change the way energy and business decisions are made.  Investors thinking of a new power station will think about the future costs imposed by carbon pricing and an ETS; energy efficiency will be more front of mind for business and residential consumers; and landholders will begin to manage their land better to attract carbon storage benefits," said Jeff Angel, Executive Director of the Centre.

"Today's announcment is not about the short term impacts of compensation and whether they mute the economic message of higher prices - these are transitional issues.  It's about a new architecture for medium and long term decision making.  It is these decisions made today and in the next few years that govern the type of pollution Australia emits in coming decades."

"There's a lot of work to do in coming months but the fact that the plan has the support of a majority in parliament must make most in business think carefully about whether they continue the lost battle in the hope a future Abbot government would change everything and cause great uncertainty - or they, the community and the government begin to work on a new low carbon future," Mr Angel said.

Total Environment Centre will be hosting the Prime Minister for a Q & A on 18 July in Sydney at a Green Capital event followed by an expert panel that will look to the future; and the Deputy Prime Minister and Treasurer on 4 August in Melbourne.