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Australians must build more renewable, clean energy and use much less polluting fossil fuels. It's our core action to combat climate change and pollution. TEC has been the campaign leader on embedding energy efficiency into our businesses and homes and supporting local green power - saving money and making sustainable lifestyles more achievable. We take the battle to the big energy utilities and governments.

What we do

Our focus is on:

  • encouraging people and businesses to use less energy and be more efficient
  • increasing the amount of green energy generation
  • using less energy at peak times when it is more expensive
  • fixing the National Electricity Market so it does not stand in the way of efficiency and green power.

 TEC is currently campaigning for:

  • New rules requiring your energy supplier to do more on energy conservation and tell you how much dirty power they are buying
  • Local renewable energy grids that can compete with big power companies

TEC has successfully opposed unnecessary mega powerlines to deliver fossil power where energy efficiency and renewables were better alternatives; saved thousands of tonnes of greenhouse gases with efficiency standards for energy and water use in homes; assessed and ranked green power and carbon offset schemes; and convinced governments and parliament to mandate energy saving targets on electricity utilities.

Actions you can take

  • Support our energy efficiency rule package 
  • Ask your state energy minister to make electricity and gas companies tell you what power sources they use (fossil fuels, renewables, native forest timber)
  • Support local businesses that are promoting energy efficiency and renewable energy, and ask your council what it is doing.
  • Join a community group that is working on renewable energy projects in your area.
  • Challenge any new network projects in your area – or talk to us about whether they are really needed.
  • Check out how green your electricity retailer is on our new guide - and switch to better suppliers.


Our Reports

What price solar - government tariffs and retailer export prices (2014)

Green Buzz in the Power Lines 

  Slide Pack:bill deck 1 d8-3small

  1. Why Price Rises?  2. TEC goals   3. Solutions and you


More information on the problem; our work; and reports

Our media releases

 TEC's energy advocacy work is funded by the National Electricity Consumer Advocacy Panel.

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