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Jeff Angel – Executive Director

Jeff is famous for both his uncompromising integrity and his ability to reconcile people and interest groups with no apparent common ground for the good of us all. Softly spoken, diplomatic and scrupulous, he is also a dogged and fearless campaigner. Jeff has forged alliances between countless factions in government, industry, business, and community, producing one constructive outcome for the environment after the other, since becoming involved in the campaign to protect the rainforests 36 years ago when he was at university studying Economics.  Jeff’s achievements range from pushing policy and legislation to protect clean air, restore urban rivers, conserve our coasts, wetlands and wilderness, combat climate change, reform business and government to embrace environmental sustainability, prevent broad-scale land clearing, save our common green spaces, and more.  He is also Convenor and CEO of the Boomerang Alliance of 42 groups, which has won the container deposits campaign and is tackling marine plastic pollution.  Jeff published 'Green is Good' (ABC Books) in 2008 and is a regular and highly respected media commentator.

Areas of expertise: All issues  including boomerang alliance waste and recycling campaigns

Contact details:jeff.angel@tec.org.au, 02 9211 5022

Andrew ToveyDirector of public programs (HotHouse, Smart Locale)

There is no one who enjoys a weekend in the workshop hammering brilliant ideas together from bits of old scrap more than Andrew. He brings a wide range of skills and enthusiasm to his work as Director of the HotHouse and Smart Locale sustainability programs for the Total Environment Centre. HotHouse stages creative events to inspire people with a vision for a brighter, smarter, better future, exploring how innovation and positive solutions can meet the sustainability challenges of tomorrow. Smart Locale catalyses projects employing localised technology solutions for smarter and more sustainable Sydney communities today.

Previously Andrew worked as a freelance sustainable events consultant on high-profile outdoor endurance events, and the Green Globe winning Peats Ridge Festival. Originally from the UK, Andrew completed internships with the National Trust for Scotland and Friends of the Earth Scotland, following a Masters of Human Ecology at the University of Strathclyde, and a Bachelor of Geography from the University of Edinburgh in 2007.

Areas of expertise: Sustainability, innovation, green energy, smart green business

Contact details: andrew@tec.org.au,  02 9211 5022


David Burgess – Natural areas

Few campaigners have traversed the environment movement so adventurously as Dave. His work in forest conservation took him to Papua New Guinea and West Africa as a younger man. Later, depending on who you talk to, he gained fame or infamy with his painting of ‘No War’ on the sails of the Sydney Opera House on the day Australia went to war with Iraq in 2003.

Dave first came across TEC in 1989 after seeing what the woodchip industry was getting away with in the forests around Eden.

Areas of expertise: Green spaces, longwall mining

Contact details: daveb@tec.org.au,  02 9211 5022

Corinne FisherCampaign Coordinator for Stand Up For Nature

Corinne is one of our most engaging community activists. Her warmth and work ethic are second to none. Corinne not only inspires small armies of volunteers to work with us, she deeply appreciates their time and energy.  She is currently the Campaign Coordinator for Stand Up For Nature, an alliance of environmental groups, including TEC, that was created to respond to the NSW Government’s proposed changes to biodiversity and land clearing legislation across the State.

In 2013, Corinne was awarded with the  Nature Conservation Council's Dunphy Award for most outstanding environmental effort by an individual and in 2014, she was awarded a Pride of Australia Medal in the NSW Environment category.  She was the founding convenor for the community-led state wide Better Planning Network, an organisation advocating for principles of Ecologically Sustainable Development. She has a Master of Environmental Studies and 20 years experience working with governments and communities on a range of social and environmental initiatives.  

Areas of expertise: Land clearing laws, urban planning and community involvement

Contact details:  cfisher@tec.org.au, 02 9211 5022

Leigh Martin – Community campaigner

Our busy resident ecologist, Leigh is a compelling public speaker with a BSc(Hons), PhD who has campaigned with Total Environment Centre since 1998. He has worked on campaigns to restore the iconic Snowy River, protect Sydney’s drinking water catchment, reduce air pollution, prevent the damming of the Williams River in the Hunter Valley and protect native vegetation and biodiversity in NSW. He also knows more about reptiles and gill-bearing aquatic craniate animals than anyone else we know.

He says the highlights of his work with TEC have been “our successful campaigns to restore environmental flows to the Snowy River, saving the Williams River from being dammed, and successfully campaigning for precious bushland on the Georges River to be included as National Park.”

Areas of expertise: Water, air pollution, biodiversity, transport and planning issues

Contact details: leigh.martin@tec.org.au,  02 9211 5022

Mark Byrne - Energy Market Advocate

Mark is a former urban planner who also has a Masters in International Law and a PhD in the humanities. He is the author of two books, six booklets, a dozen papers and countless newspaper articles. He is also a former lecturer and has facilitated about a hundred public events including energy conferences. He comes to the TEC after several years as an environmental educator with the NSW Environmental Defenders Office.

Areas of expertise: Green energy

Contact details: markb@tec.org.au, 02 9211 5022


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