Jeff Angel Interview - Defying the Trump Era

  Tina Perinotto says Jeff Angel’s laconic style is a welcome relief. It’s optimism at its most pragmatic: stick it out long enough and you will win.

Coal - financial markets decide

TEC has been working towards financial and social responsibility within the business community for many years. Now climate change has been recognised as a “material” risk to Australia’s financial system by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority.   Business is leading where government is lagging. No amount of grandstanding, political donations from the mining industry or clean coal spin will work and the government should recognise that the Paris Climate Agreement is embedded in the investor mainstream.    "TheTurnbull government should get with the future," said Jeff Angel, Executive Director of TEC.   

You've Been Warmed...

What a week! People were frying eggs on car bonnets in the Central Desert, flying foxes fell cooked to death mid-air in Singleton, Casino and Richmond, a firestorm destroyed homes and livestock near Dunnydoo and Uarby, and the state was only saved from rolling blackouts by wind and solar energy in the mix. NSW was officially the hottest place on the planet over the weekend.

Rally for Treasured Manly Vale Bushland

Written off as "Green fringe lunatics",  the Manly Vale community is pushing back with a renewed request for Education Minister Rod Stokes to reconsider the demolition of a treasured area of bushland to accomodate the expansion of the local Public School. 

Rural Fringe Communities Fight Back

Overwhelming community opposition to a controversial development proposed for South Dural in Sydney's north-west has resulted in a temporary win for endangered species and their Ironbark and Blue Gum habitat. 

deadly animals, "alternative" facts, social harmony

Monday Drive - TEC's environment program airs every Monday from 4-6pm on 89.7fm. This week we talk shark nets, the eco-collapse that produced the current war in Syria, and what's happening with wind power since Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey stopped publicly denouncing it.

Not Stoked About Manly Vale

Perhaps Planning Minister Rob Stokes is starting to feel the heat over the imminent devastation of the Manly Warringah War Memorial Park? We talked to long time locals appalled by the plan to develop this irreplaceable asset.

Manly Vale Bushland Death Knell

Plans by The NSW Department of Education to destroy nearly 4 hectares of bushland in order to expand the Manly Vale Public School were approved by the Sydney North Planning Panel this week despite community protests and the submission of less impactful alternative proposals. Enregistrer

New Environmental Vision for Sydney

Major environmental professional, community and university groups have banded together to produce an environmental vision as part of the Greater Sydney Commission (GSC) planning process.

TEC Attacked By Murdoch Media

TEC must be doing something right! We have obviously annoyed some powerful people. TEC was singled out by The Daily Telegraph three times in one week in articles that claimed that environment groups have created "a tax financed barrier to progress" in NSW by protesting against recent government reforms and developments which renowned scientists, town planners and local communities all agree are a threat to the continued health of our ecosystems Enregistrer

Annual report of key activities 2015-2016

After 13 years of hard work battling Coca Cola and allied big beverage companies – Australia is now on the road to a container deposit scheme. When NSW announced it will implement the 10cent refund system, other states took notice and now QLD, WA and the ACT will too... READ THE FULL REPORT

Vandals caught red handed government does zip

Total Environment Centre has called for urgent state government intervention after a Sydney property developer was caught red-handed attempting to remove crucial evidence on the site of one of Sydney’s most environmentally damaging development proposals. Local residents were alerted by the sounds of heavy machinery moving onto the Riverlands Golf Course Site in late September – the same place where over 400 trees were (allegedly) illegally cleared in August this year. City of Canterbury-Bankstown Council officers were informed that evidence of the alleged illegal tree felling was being removed, but were unable to gain access. However, together with members of the local community, the council officers gained a view from the opposite bank of the Georges River which enabled them to witness an excavator and wood chipper operating at the site of the previous (allegedly illegal) clearing.  “The Riverlands Golf Course site is dear to many residents of Milperra and the subject of one of Sydney’s longest running environment protection campaigns,” said TEC Natural Areas Campaigner David Burgess. “It is home to some of the largest hollow bearing trees remaining in urban Sydney with many dating back to pre-settlement. It contains environmentally significant wetlands. It provides a vital link with adjoining areas of bushland”. In 2015 over 200 local residents turned up to demonstrate against the then Bankstown Council’s proposal to weaken environmental protection of Riverlands through a rezoning. A new rezoning proposal that would allow some development on the 33 hectare site but also protect large parts of it currently sits in front of the NSW Planning Minister. “If recent media reports are any indication the NSW Department of Planning is set to reject any environmental protection proposed by Council for the site and give Demian Constructions and Statewide Planning the green light to establish a ‘mini-suburb’ at Riverlands. “The value of Riverlands as green space cannot be overstated. The locals recognise this, Council recognises this, but Mike Baird’s government seems poised to unleash the bulldozers.”

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