What is TEC?


TEC has been campaigning for environment protection in the city and country, changing government policy, advising the community and challenging business - since 1972.

Campaigns to date [2011, 79KB]

Established in 1972 by pioneers of the Australian environmental movement, TEC is a veteran of more than 100 successful campaigns. For over 30 years, we have been working to protect this country's natural and urban environment, flagging the issues, driving debate, supporting community activism and pushing for better environmental policy and practice.

TEC is a hub - a resource and support base - for environmentalists working on a wide range of issues. With our years of experience in lobbying, campaigns, media and research, we have helped hundreds of community groups in their struggle to protect their local environment. We are fearless critics of government - local, state and federal - but we will also work constructively with governments and business for positive environmental outcomes.

Total Environment Centre (TEC) is an independent, non-profit group run by a Management Committee of professionals from diverse fields and an executive of experienced environmentalists.

Rather than servicing a large public membership, TEC chooses to concentrate its resources on direct campaign activity, lobbying and research. This enables us to focus on our core business - the protection of the environment and the active promotion of sustainable systems and technologies - spending only a small portion of our funds on marketing and overheads.

We use targeted research, publications, forums, persistent lobbying and community action to work for long-term solutions, addressing the cause as well as the symptoms of environmental stress.

TEC's funding generally comes from donations (30%), philanthropic trusts (25%), independent projects financed by government (25%), events (10%) and bequests (10%). We are registered under the NSW Charities Act and donations of $2 and more are tax deductible.

During 2010-11 we received the support of the Advocacy Panel (AEMC), Purves Environmental Fund, Pratt Foundation, NSW and Commonwealth governments.