Key Principles and Policies

Requiring producers to take-back and recycle old products is the best way to ensure that they design their products to be less toxic, to last longer, to be repaired and recycled. TEC advocates a number of policies informed by the value of the resources used and their toxicity to the environment.

The Great Waste Debate: Extended Producer Responsibility [2003] [789KB]
Framework for Extended Producer Responsibility [2005] [38KB]
Toxic Product Fact Sheet [2006] [43KB]

Campaign overview - Computers, containers and the politics of EPR (09/2006)

Electronic Waste

Australia now has a scheme for producer responsibility for computers and TVs after our 7 year campaign. TEC helped establish the Let's Do IT! Alliance, comprised of Australia's major computer recylcers, local government and environment groups; and has also negotiated with the computer and TV manufacturers and all 3 levels of government. The campaign aims to ensure that toxic computers, TVs, mobile phones, and peripherals are kept out of landfills and that a vibrant domestic recycling industry emerges.

We are monitoring the success of the scheme including recycling levels and extension to small electronic items.

Our most recent report on the problem - Tipping Point [2009, 1.05MB]

TEC released a model computer take-back scheme as industry and governments seek to grapple with computer waste - Rebyte!

Videos [2009] - Toxic E-Waste Zombies Come to Town, JJJ Hack TV E-Waste

Environment Groups Submission [2009][284kb] to EPHC proposed E-Waste Recycling Scheme [2009][1.58mMB]

Compact with Computer Industry [2009, 31KB]

We examined the industry mobile phone scheme in Mobile Muster Myth Exposed [2007, 434KB]

Other Products

Whitegoods, end-of-life vehicles, batteries, tyres, arsenic treated timber, paints, oils and PVC are all problem wastes because of their volume and toxicity.In a report prepared for the Boomerang Alliance, TEC has reviewed 17 priority products that need to be targeted for product take-back and recycling. It's time for action.
EPR 2005/06 Report

Gas Bottle Briefing [2009, 118KB]

Tyres [2009, 1.02MB]

Lead Acid Battery Report [2007, 373KB]



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