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Calls by NSW Opposition Leader John Brogden for an investigation of a new dam for Sydney are outdated and reveal a disturbing ignorance of sustainable water cycle management according to the Total Environment Centre (TEC).

TEC Director Mr Jeff Angel said, "Building a new dam would devastate the fragile environment of the Shoalhaven River and require massive expenditure of taxpayers funds that would need to be recovered through higher water bills. The possible site at Welcome Reef is also in a rain shadow and there are serious question marks how often it would ever fill".

In a press conference yesterday Mr Brogden called on the NSW Government to begin investigation of a new dam at Welcome Reef on the Shoalhaven River and claimed that the Government's opposition to a new dam was simply a play for green votes.

"Far from being about green votes, the policy of not building a new dam is about ensuring Sydney's long term sustainability and correcting decades of wasteful water resource management. It recognises that better water conservation, rainwater tanks, stormwater harvesting and effluent recycling can address our water shortage without the need for an expensive and unsustainable new dam", Mr Angel said.

TEC called on the Opposition Leader to take a more constructive approach to the debate on Sydney's water resources.

"Sydney faces some tough decisions on water management and pricing that must be considered in a responsible and constructive manner. The Opposition Leader should be pushing the Government and Sydney Water to lift their game on water conservation and effluent recycling. Simplistic and populist calls for a new dam will do nothing to promote sustainable water management", Mr Angel said.

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