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Sydney needs Urban ESD Taskforce


"Sydney needs an Urban ESD Taskforce to ensure that the environmental standards used for the 'Green Olympics' are applied to the whole city, creating thousands of new jobs, and a more sustainable & attractive city", said Kim Brebach, Total Environment Centres Urban Campaigner.

"TEC applauds Bob Carr's interest in 'creating better, more liveable and sustainable suburbs'. Sydney needs a permanent and flexible solution, a brains trust which can evolve with the times, the Urban ESD Taskforce provides just that," he said.

"There are numerous major developments eg Parramatta Government Sector, St Marys (former ADI site), Rhodes Peninsula - which will have a significant impact on the surrounding areas and Sydney as a whole. We can choose to improve the way we make our city or let it slide," he said.

The Urban ESD Taskforce should consist of an Independent chairperson and representatives from key government agencies and authorities, conservation and welfare groups and the best brains in the sustainability business. It should actively engage and advise developers at the visioning stage, and provide them with meaningful ESD targets and guidelines applicable at all levels in the design and construction process.

It should also negotiate demand management with major water, energy and waste utilities, and initiate targetted education and retraining programs across design, planning, manufacturing, and construction sectors.