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TEC is Australia's leading campaigner for recycling to save resources and stop waste. We are at the forefront of the national push for a 10cent refundable deposit on drink bottles and cans (CDS) – to prevent 8 billion containers being littered or landfilled every year (15,000 a minute!).

Our internationally successful award winning documentary film, WasteNot [see trailer below] and its education website are spreading the message about recycling and sustainable living into communities, uinversities, TAFEs and schools. Recycling is something we can all participate in but government and big business must play their role.

What we do

Over the last 4 decades TEC has achieved closure of hazardous landfills; recycling laws for producer responsibility; programs to collect millions of items of electronic waste; and bigger municipal recycling targets. We work on tyres, batteries, energy, electronic waste and plastic waste which causes deadly marine debris.

As National Convenor of the Boomerang Alliance of 28 environment groups we are mobilising hundreds of thousands of Australians who want a waste-free future.

Plastic Pollution [1.36min]

Waste Not Trailer [1.50min]

Thinking Outside the Box [0.59secs]

Actions you can take

  • Tell your state environment minister you want a container deposit system [action letter]
  • Introduce our WasteNot education site to your local school and council
  • Check out The Skids, campaigning for legal and safe tyre recycling (did you know we only recycled 16% of our 48million used tyres)