Who is TEC


Jeff Angel

Executive Director

Jeff has worked at the forefront of Australia’s environment movement since the save the rainforest days more than 30 years ago. He is actively engaged in the intellectual challenges which are transforming the environment movement from conservation-focused to forward planning for a new green economic paradigm. A passionate crusader for the protection of Australia’s wild places, and its unique bio-diversity, Jeff is also renowned for his ability to bring warring parties to the table and has set up many alliances between business, industry and green groups which would have been unthinkable even ten years ago. In 2008 Jeff published Green is Good (ABC Books).



Mark Byrne

Energy Market Advocate

Mark is a former urban planner who also has a Masters in International Law and a PhD in the humanities. He is the author of two books, six booklets, a dozen papers and countless newspaper articles. He is also a former lecturer and has facilitated about a hundred public events including energy conferences. He comes to the TEC after several years as an environmental educator with the NSW Environmental Defenders Office.


Ruth Hessey

Communications Director

Before taking a transformative step into the environment movement Ruth was best known as a feature writer and film reviewer for the Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, ABC Radio, TimeOut Sydney, and countless other glossies. She was also an actress with a BA majoring in film and theatre from UNSW. Twenty years in radio, TV, and print turned out to be good preparation for directing communications at TEC. Ruth wrote and directed TEC's award winning documentary film Waste Not, funded by the City of Sydney and TEC which has been accepted into 25 International Film Festivals and acquired by Qantas, the NAB, Fujitsu, and hundreds of universities, TAFES, schools and local councils. Ruth also loves swimming in the ocean, listening to the music of cicadas and trees, and writing fiction. She cycles to work and divides her time between TEC’s inspirational campaigners, liaising with concerned artists who want to work on our projects, and grappling with how we are going to imagine ourselves into a greener and fairer world. “I have learnt so much from Jeff Angel and this amazing team. TEC never gives up!”


Leigh Martin

Water & Urban Campaigner

Leigh has been with TEC since 1998 and has managed to kill several computers with his percussive maintenance style over that time.  He has worked on a range of issues including water sustainability, air quality, public transport, government procurement and urban planning. His current obsession is the campaign to restore environmental flows to the Snowy River and opposition to the proposed Tillegra Dam on the Williams River in the Hunter Valley. He knows more about fish than most people know about themselves. He is also torturing himself completing his Phd at UTS.


Jo Cory

Accounts Administrator



David Burgess

Natural Areas

Over the past 20 years Dave has traversed the NSW environment movement from the forest blockades of the late 1980's and 1990's to the more conventional roles of lobbying and research. His work in forest conservation also briefly took him to Papua New Guinea and West Africa. Depending on who you talk to he gained fame or infamy with his painting of ‘No War’ on the sails of the Sydney Opera House on the day Australia went to war with Iraq in 2003.

"I grew up on the northern edges of Sydney in a 'playground' that ran through sandstone country, bluegum and turpentine forests down to mangroves and the Hawkesbury. So while riding bikes, sorting out childhood disputes and hiding from parents, the natural environment was being stamped into my programming. Over that time I saw much of that land turn into housing and industrial estates and its creeks become polluted. I first came across TEC in 1989 after seeing at what the woodchip industry was getting away with in the forests around Eden. It was meeting people who valued the environment and were prepared to make personal sacrifices to protect it, that inspired me to join an environment group."

Glen Wright

Glen Wright

Energy Market Researcher

Glen has a degree and a masters degree in law and has published peer-reviewed papers on a range of environmental law topics. He is currently doing his PhD at the Australian National University, investigating the law and policy relating to wave and tidal energy generation systems. Prior to joining TEC, Glen worked as a researcher on Australia's first Renewable Energy Law text book at UNSW, and as a Paralegal in the Energy and Resources Group at Freehills. Glen avoids eating animals, loves photography, sings and plays guitar and is still trying to solve a Rubik's Cube in under a minute.


Lisa  Wriley

Waste Campaigner

Blame it on the great New Zealand board game “Conservation“ which she played as a child, but Lisa's passion for changing the world has led her to teacher training, Earthworks training, environmental education, a Permaculture Design Certificate and the co-founding of the Kariong Eco Garden. Lisa has long been proud to be called mad (‘making a difference’), and other things like the worm lady, nappy lady and the compost queen. She is also the mother of two boys who think no-waste lunches are normal and know that food scraps always need to go back to the earth – with the help of worms, micro-organisms and chickens. In 2004 she helped organize a local Nappy Challenge to highlight the scale of waste created for every child using disposable nappies (carting over 400 dirty nappies in her car was a life changing experience). Lisa would be a wealthy woman if she had 10 cents for all the bottles she has picked up over the years: and would love to see 10 cent bottle returns becoming a national phenomena.

She also dreams of having a composting toilet in her house. Even though she’s most at home in her garden making compost or feeding the worms, she says: “I feel very privileged to be working for TEC with such a great team of other m.a.d. people.” Sometimes Lisa moonlights as Bev the Bottle, a friendly clown who wants to bring dignity (and a Container Deposit System) to discarded beverage containers everywhere.

 Jenn Brewer

Office Manager


Murray Hogarth

Senior Advisor Green Capital

Murray has used his decades of experience as a highly respected journalist to segue into his work as a business environmentalist and sustainability communicator, working with the corporate, government and community sectors through his consultancy The 3rd Degree. He supports Green Capital by producing new IP and forward planning. He is married to the CEO of One Million Women, Natalie Isaacs, and together they have produced five young environment activists.

Management Committee

Sebastian Crawford, Chair

Bob Wallace, Treasurer

Gerri Ormonde, Secretary

Anita Mitchell, Committee Member

Ronnie Harding, Committee Member

Nari Sahukar, Committee Member

Fabian Sack, Committee Member