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SOS Green Spaces

We are working with over 60 communities to guarantee our children inherit liveable cities. We need our urban green spaces to breathe, chill out and play. They must not be erased by short sighted development. We have proposed new laws to protect them.

Plastic Pollution

As the plastic plague endangers wildlife in our oceans, and our communities demand action to protect the human food chain, our solutions must be adopted without delay, starting with a total ban on single use plastic bags. We are pulling business and government into line with consumers to end the disposable plastics nightmare.

Green Energy

Australia's current energy crisis, given our abundant natural resources, is ludicrous!  By favouring fossil fuels over green energy, the National Electricity Market has stifled innovation and investment for decades. We want  the National Energy Objective reformed so it will meet emissions targets and protect Australians from the deadly impacts of climate change. 

Exposing the land clearing scandal

Thriving Australian bushland is crucial to the health of our soil, water and agricultural sector, and yet tree clearing is escalating at great cost to our country's biodiversity. We are working with our allies to demand legislative protection and build a movement for change

Total Environment Centre is a lean, green not-for-profit organisation. By supporting our campaigns with your monthly donations we are working together to create a fairer, greener future for all Australians.

Every donation to the Total Environment Centre over $2 is tax deductible.

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Any queries, please contact our donations administrator, Jenn (, 02 9211 5022).

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