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WA e-waste ban misses vapes

WA’s much needed ban on e-waste to landfill commenced from Monday this week, but unfortunately, vapes were excluded from that ban.


We are urgently calling on the community to support our campaign to protect the critical habitat and koala corridor at Mallaty Creek. The government plans to fence off Mallaty Creek as part of urban development plans in the Cumberland Plain that we have been fighting for years. This decision threatens the survival of the healthiest koala colony in NSW.  

Ministers fail on national action on packaging , batteries and container refunds

Today’s meeting of the nation’s Environment Ministers has signalled urgent action will need to be taken by individual states in order to resolve regulation of packaging, especially soft plastics, battery waste and expanding container refund schemes.

Battery Fires threaten all recycling

Battery fires are an existential threat to our waste and recycling management system. Fire and Rescue Services attended more than 1,000 battery fires across Australia last year, but we understand many more occurred in the waste and recycling sector that Fire and Rescue Services didn’t attend.

Battery waste problem needs action at Environment Ministers’ meeting

With the imminent meeting of Environment Ministers considering how to handle the growing and dangerous problem of battery waste, Total Environment Centre has called for an effective and urgent response that does not embrace failed voluntary approaches.

National Battery Strategy Urgently Needs National Recycling Stewardship

TEC welcomes the Albanese government’s announcement of a national battery strategy but it must be accompanied by a comprehensive collection and recycling scheme for end of life batteries. "If this strategy rolls out without an effective stewardship scheme in place, we risk serious environmental harm and excessive end of life costs for taxpayers and consumers alike", said Mark Zihrul, TEC Campaigner.    

Disgraceful betrayal as Lendlease seeks to reverse koala protections

A development application by Lendlease before Campbelltown Council intends to reverse hard won and widely endorsed conservation measures for koalas in South West Sydney by converting the land to residential development.

Disastrous NSW Biodiversity Outlook Report 2024

With 50% of species in NSW not expected to survive in the next 100 years; land clearing increasing since 2017; and only 29% of habitat remaining - the NSW Government should be taking urgent action. The release of the government’s 2024 NSW Biodiversity Outlook Report is one big alarm bell, both environmentally and politically. "The last thing the Minns government should find itself with at the next election is a record of more clearing of native vegetation and more species sliding to extinction.  This is a fundamental challenge they must not avoid,” said Jeff Angel, Director of the TEC.

Victoria’s Container Refund Scheme – Report Card

Victoria’s 10cent container refund scheme has been operating for 6 months and the first review of its operations has been released today. "Our review acknowledges there are inevitably teething problems in the early stages, but we are very concerned about a systemic issue that has arisen which could harm consumer convenience to refund points and thus the success of the scheme.  This involves reliance on over-the-counter (OTC) return points, especially in the Northern Zone, operated by Visy.  They have a multitude of problems and consumers will be the losers,’’ said Jeff Angel, Executive Director of the Total Environment Centre, which undertook the review.


The announcement by Officeworks that it has ceased collecting used batteries on behalf of B-cycle casts serious doubt on the effectiveness of the voluntary industry program. 

New EPA Powers welcomed!

Reducing pollution often involves the carrot and stick, but ongoing incidents of deliberate pollution have shown that the NSW EPA needs more stick to combat those who flout environment protection.  

Cumberland Plain Koalas Get A Win

New measures to protect endangered Koalas and begin delivery of conservation reserves on the western edge of Sydney by the Minns government, is a ‘’definite improvement’’, environmentalists said today.

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