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Across Sydney and NSW, urban development and infrastructure are threatening the survival of our trees, bushland and parks.  

Every week, the Total Environment Centre receives distressed calls from members of the public whose neighbouring bushland or trees have been marked for bulldozing.

The Total Environment Centre is fighting back hard through our SOS Green Spaces Campaign (1).  However, governments won’t enact real protections for our green spaces until we can demonstrate the destructive and cumulative impact of their decisions and build enough public pressure to achieve real legislative protections for our urban trees, parks and bushland.

This is why the Total Environment Centre has completed the SOS Green Spaces Map (2) that tracks and alerts the community and government to threats to urban green spaces.

With your support, we will:

  • continue to update our SOS Green Spaces Map (3) so that it tracks the number of threatened green spaces, their location and why they are under threat

  • use this map to promote local and mainstream media coverage of the growing threats to our green spaces

  • hold ongoing community forums to grow the momentum to achieve real protections for our green spaces

  • increase our capacity to support community groups fighting to protect their local green space

  • influence decision-makers at Local, State and Commonwealth levels to achieve better protections for our green spaces

Trees are nature's air conditioner, and green spaces are essential to protecting our wonderful wildlife and providing much needed recreational spaces for city-dwellers. 

With your support, we can ensure that what we love about where we live is protected for future generations to enjoy.

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If you would prefer to donate by methods other than online, please contact Jenn at or Ph: 02 9211 5022.



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