Greener Sydney Plan - is It Enough?

NICE MOVE TOWARDS GREENER SYDNEY – BUT IS IT ENOUGH? The Office of the NSW Government Architect today released its new Greener Places Draft Policy in a bid to address community concerns about significant losses of urban tree canopy and green spaces, by guaranteeing smarter planning, across Sydney.


The government will have to work hard work to overcome community cynicism about its plan for Western Sydney bushland in the face of major urban development, is the key message from TEC’s forum Last Chance for Western Sydney Bushland,  attended by over 150 residents and Local Councillors on Nov 16.  

Last Chance For Western Sydney Bushland

As concern for the future character and natural beauty of Western Sydney mounts, residents and community groups will gain access to critical information tomorrow night, Thursday 16 November, at a forum to discuss the NSW Department of Planning’s Western Sydney Strategic Sustainability Plan.  


Social and environmental infrastructure must have the same legal support as development, Total Environment Centre said today, in reference to the draft Greater Sydney Region Plan.  


Ignoring the widespread concern of a range of stakeholders, the Berejiklian Government will introduce its disastrous tree clearing laws tomorrow, even before essential components, such as regulatory mapping, have been completed.


The Total Environment Centre has initiated a powerful new network of communities concerned about the growing assault on our green spaces, which kicked off with an SOS Green Spaces Forum on April 1. 

TEC Says Reform Energy Market Now

The need to urgently modernise energy market regulation in Australia has been identified by thirteen environmental groups and local government bodies in a submission to the Commonwealth’s Finkel review into energy security. 

International wetlands face golf course threat

TEC has called for protection of internationally important wetlands near Botany Bay, threatened by a new golf course.  The Cook Cove South Precinct development is also targeting public open space for private use. "This private golf course which will take over a public park wants to clear important wetland vegetation and will surround an area visited by migratory species causing ongoing pollution and disturbance.  An area of such importance should be managed by a conservation body and enhanced because so much has already been lost," said Jeff Angel, Executive Director of the Centre. TEC submission here. 

District Plans - Sydney on a greener track

The release of the draft District Plans by the Greater Sydney Commission marks a potentially new direction in making Sydney liveable and more environmentally sustainable, TEC said today.  “The structure and culture of the GSC are distinctly different to past agencies and they have engaged in new research and community engagement techniques, including sponsoring an independent Environment Panel to provide a detailed analysis of Sydney’s environmental problems and solutions,” said Jeff Angel, Executive Director of the Centre. “Critical issue like adequate green spaces, tree canopy, dangerous urban heat and climate change are major challenges for Sydney.”  “We can’t stop the planning and development boat so we need to improve and control its direction; and certainly not let speculation and narrow economic claims drive it. A city has to achieve liveability, sustainability and economic goals at the same time. We have encouraged people to suspend cynicism at our community meetings. The draft District Plans are an important part of this process.”  “The independent report by the Environment Panel which comprised 15 peak professional, community and academic groups will be released shortly. It will help the community and government benchmark the draft plans and provide important perspectives.”  “It’s encouraging that the GSC supported this process and we look forward to further assisting them and the government,” Mr Angel said.

NSW climate change move – far sighted

The announcement of a net zero emissions target for NSW will have far reaching, positive impacts on the state’s economy and environment, TEC said today. “It will need a wide range of concrete and specific programs across key pollution sources such as land clearing, energy production and urban development.  A number of major policy areas are already in flux and will need to be brought into line with the new target,’’ said Jeff Angel, Executive Director of Total Environment Centre. "To reach the 2050 target, substantial action will have to start now and the community will be looking for effective policies.'' ‘’For example, Sydney is about to review its Metro Plan via the Greater Sydney Commission and inevitably low emission transport, energy efficient buildings and expanding tree cover will have to become prominent.  Land clearing laws, which are proposed to be weakened across the state must be redrafted.  And NSW should quickly phase out coal fired power.’’ ‘’The credo for a 21st century state is to be green and resilient in the face of climate change and play its part in global efforts to thwart dangerous climate change.  We look forward to examining the government’s detailed plans,” Mr Angel said.  

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