Pollution generated by humans is killing marine animals and poisoning our food supply

We've identified the destruction of our ecosystems by plastic pollution as one of the greatest challenges facing us, and one we already have the solutions to fix. Smart well designed recycling systems are the most effective way to safeguard the environment, if and when industry and government agree to work with us. Instead of blaming consumers, we need a coalition of business, manufacturers and politicians to listen to the overwhelming majority of Australians who care. With your unflagging support TEC campaigned for over thirteen years for the implementation of a container deposit scheme, and we won! But progress on banning plastic bags has been frustratingly slow. As micro-plastics move up the food chain, and onto our dinner plates, a ‘major health crisis’ is upon us. TEC's solutions have been endorsed by several dozen recommendations in the bipartisan 2016 Senate Inquiry report.



Change is happening!

We are the home of the Boomerang Alliance, one of Australia's most popular and effective recycling campaigns. We actively work to end plastic pollution and dangerous tyre dumps.  We have adopted a target of reducing plastic pollution of our waterways by 70% by 2020. Already we have convinced NSW, Qld, ACT and WA to implement a container refund scheme. And we are pushing for plastic bag bans across the nation.

TEC has also built the travelling Ocean Action Pod - an interactive exhibit which delivers critical information about plastic pollution of the oceans in an accessible, innovative and lively way.  It's been a big hit with schools and coastal communities - your school or council can book it too.



Waste Not, TEC's Award Winning film about the beauty of recycling and the future of our planet has been translated into 4 languages and screened in over 30 countries. It is used all over Australia as a valuable education tool by corporations, and in schools, universities and TAFE's.


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