Battery waste problem needs action at Environment Ministers’ meeting

With the imminent meeting of Environment Ministers considering how to handle the growing and dangerous problem of battery waste, Total Environment Centre has called for an effective and urgent response that does not embrace failed voluntary approaches.

The revelation occurred earlier last week during the Senate Inquiry into the effectiveness of the Albanese Labor Government’s waste reduction and recycling policies in delivering a circular economy. Commonwealth public servants informed the Committee that the Queensland government would be "taking the lead" on developing short, medium and long term options.

"Senior Commonwealth officials could not tell the Committee whether mandatory stewardship would form part of the proposal. However, this should be non-negotiable as the problem will grow to several hundred thousand tonnes a year unless early and effective action is taken," said TEC Campaigner, Mark Zihrul.

At the earlier public hearing on 8th May this year, the Committee heard from the recycling industry about the overwhelming damage and increased insurance costs currently crippling the industry as a result of lithium-ion battery fires. These representatives made clear they need certainty, and a mandatory regulated scheme to ensure producers cover the costs of these environmentally hazardous products.

TEC has recently released a proposal for a mandatory scheme covering all batteries here.

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