Blue-Green Grid: A Vision and Implementation Strategy for Sydney’s Open Spaces

We’re pushing the NSW Government to adopt the recently released Blue-Green Grid – a vision for interconnected and protected green spaces, river and creek foreshores and tree canopy in Sydney, extending from the Koala greenbelt in the west to the coast.

We have met with ministers and senior bureaucrats – but we need you to add your voice, as well as your family, friends, and community groups. 

Send a message to NSW Premier, Chris Minns and Minister for Planning, Paul Scully and urge them to take action today - scroll to the bottom of this page for the email template.

The key aim of our plan is to go beyond weak guidelines for developers, ineffective information kits and ad hoc projects with limited funding – and instead set up a comprehensive implementation program that delivers green cooling spaces, protects remnant bushland and saves trees.

The benefits are enormous – from improved air quality and mental health, biodiversity conservation, creation of active and passive recreational areas and urban heat mitigation. As Sydney grows and changes, the Blue-Green Grid is a priority. 

Sydney's Blue-Green Spaces: New Healthy City Plan and Implementation Strategy

Our plan for a Blue-Green Grid of open spaces for nature and people across Sydney is a visionary plan to protect and expand Sydney’s green and blue spaces for present and future generations, as a counterbalance to the growing population and push for denser development. It also seeks to protect the remaining native bushland and endangered species, such as the Koala colony on the city’s edge. There have been quite a few plans and ad hoc green space programs over the years, but none have delivered what Sydney needs now and into the future.

Our Blue-Green Grid vision proposes a strategy for effective implementation to grow and defend Sydney’s Blue-Green Grid. Learn more about our Blue-Green Grid plans here.

Cover photo by Deeva Sood on Unsplash

Send a message to NSW's Premier, Chris Minns and Minister for Planning, Paul Scully urging them to take action.

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