The Total Environment Centre (TEC) believes in a fairer, greener world for all. We’ve worked with you for over 50 years to preserve the ecosystems that support living landscapes and healthy communities across Australia. With over 100 eco victories behind us, and more community-focused campaigns ahead, TEC has the roadmap for our journey into the future. Come with us!  

Originally TEC was formed by pioneer environmentalists and our first Director, Milo Dunphy (1972-95), with a broad brief including new national parks, protecting rainforests, stopping air pollution and coastal sand mining; and assisting local groups in their campaigns.

Today we still have a broad agenda. We also push for recycling infrastructure to protect our waterways and oceans from plastic pollutants, and sturdy legislation around conserving native animals and plants and ensuring food and water security for future Australians. We act on climate change by advocating for renewable energy by encouraging innovation, a modern energy market and incentivising government and private investment. These are the building blocks of a sustainable Australia.

Under the stewardship of our executive director Jeff Angel (1995 - ), TEC has remained a lean, independent and campaign-focused not-for-profit, with a reputation for calm measured policy advice, persistent campaigning and integrity, equal to none. Jeff is also the Convenor of the Boomerang Alliance, one of Australia's most successful zero waste and recycling campaign groups.

As NSW MP, Michael Daley, said in Parliament in mid 2016 – "You can’t buy Jeff Angel."

In recent years TEC’s award winning educational communications projects – the documentary film Waste Not, the mobile Ocean Action POD, and the HotHouse event series - have expanded our traditional campaign activities across social media and other platforms into schools, universities, art galleries, public festivals and board rooms.  In 2024 we released, 'Fighting for a Green Future', a seven part video series about the environment movement, its ideals, campaigns and how change happens.

Total Environment Centre is an incorporated non-profit association and a registered charity. We rely on donations to keep campaigning for a fairer, greener world. All donations $2 and over to TEC are tax deductible. Do you believe in our campaigns? You can make sure that this vital work continues by donating today.


Meet the team

Jeff Angel – Executive Director

Jeff is famous for both his uncompromising integrity and his ability to reconcile people and interest groups with no apparent common ground for the good of us all. Softly spoken, diplomatic and scrupulous, he is also a dogged and fearless campaigner. Jeff has forged alliances between countless factions in government, industry, business, and community, producing one constructive outcome for the environment after the other, since becoming involved in the campaigns for lead free petrol and protecting our rainforests, 50 years ago.

Jeff’s achievements range from pushing policy and legislation to protect clean air, restore urban rivers, conserve our coasts, wetlands and wilderness, combat climate change, reform business and government to embrace environmental sustainability, prevent broad-scale land clearing, save our common green spaces, and more.

He is also Convenor and Director of the Boomerang Alliance of 55 groups, which has won the container deposits campaign and is tackling marine plastic pollution.
Jeff published 'Green is Good' (ABC Books) in 2008 and is a regular and highly respected media commentator.

Saul Deane - Urban Sustainability Campaigner

With degrees in architecture and law, Saul's legal and architectural practice experience crosses the spatial, representational and governance dimensions involved in Urban Sustainability. He also lectures in Communications, and has taught in Landscape and Architecture at UTS and UNSW. His PhD research in the 'mechanics of public foreshore dispossession within Sydney', has allowed him to develop his interest in natural and early Australian history. Saul's campaign focus is on Sydney’s Koalas and Green Spaces.

Mark Zihrul - Campaigner

Jenn – Office Manager & Donations Administrator

Jenn keeps us all on track, managing the office with meticulous care and efficiency, organising our databases, connecting with donors and supporters, making sure TEC runs smoothly so our campaigns do too. She has been with us for over 10 years, multitasking and multiskilled. We really couldn’t get by without her.

Virginia Rose - Accounts Manager

Marijs Vrancken - Deputy Director / AUSMAP Marketing Manager

Dr Michelle Blewitt - AUSMAP Project Director

Stephanie Carrick & Jade Peace - Sydney Basin Koala Network

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