Australian Microplastic Assessment Project

It's hard to solve a problem you can't see. So we've designed this world-first citizen project to put plastic pollution on the map. 

AUSMAP is creating a network across Australia's coastlines and waterways to collect data that enables us to measure the scope of microplastic pollution in Australian aquatic environments - and identify pollution hot spots.

We've partnered with Macquarie University as the project leaders, working with a consortium of research, environment, education, government and sustainable business organisations.


Until recently, microplastic pollution presented scientists with a crisis that was invisible to the naked eye. Now we have AUSMAP.

By translating data into vivid maps of plastic pollution hotspots all over Australia, the Australian Microplastic Assessment Project makes it easy for everyone to see the scale and nature of this growing problem.

We need to know how much is already out there, before we figure out what to do with it. And we need large numbers of Australians to engage with behaviour change so we can stop any more plastic disintegrating into our waterways.

That’s why AUSMAP is a collaborative citizen science project. Together, we can all do something to clean up our rivers and oceans.


  • Develop a standard method to assess and record microplastic pollution on Australian shorelines
  • Train leaders in microplastic pollution survey and data recording methods
  • Engage citizens in monitoring Australian shorelines with standard methods and uploading data
  • Develop educational programs on microplastics
  • Research the quantities, types and chemical components of microplastics
  • Report on microplastic pollution levels to Australian communities



Jeff Angel
Executive Director

Dr Michelle Blewitt
Program Director

Dr Scott Wilson
Research Director




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