As the NSW government sprints to meet demands by urban developers to open up more land, it is failing to fast track a green spaces policy that will deliver a liveable and healthy environment.

Today, we released our Green Spaces Policy for NSW.

"In the absence of an effective and sustainable green spaces and tree retention policy, the government has overseen the loss of thousands of mature trees, so important to cool suburbs, and made green spaces second string matters.  In addition, the Minister for Planning, Anthony Roberts dumped crucial green space and tree policies for new development in April this year,’’ said Jeff Angel, Director of the Centre.

Our Policy reveals a history of numerous failures to keep our tree canopy and alienation of green spaces.  We are calling on the political parties to upgrade legal protections and implement major expansion plans, including:

  • Gazetting the green-blue grid, as outline by the Government Architect

  • Sydney Koala Greenbelt

  • Improved governance that prevents sale and rezoning of green spaces and avoids offsets for mature trees

  • An Open Space Defenders Office

Photo by Lukas Tennie on Unsplash

Unless current inadequacies are remedied, there will be a blitz of more tree clearing and minimal public and private green spaces in new suburbs as the government panders to developers.  The voice for green spaces and trees needs to be stronger, but at the moment it is sidelined and not given equal weight to concrete and asphalt.

Read Total Environment Centre's Green Spaces Policy for NSW now.

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