Parks and Trees Hit the NSW Election Trail

The growing focus on urban parks and trees, so essential to Sydney’s liveability - with announcements by both political parties, was welcomed by Total Environment Centre, today.  The urban park and tree massacre must stop, TEC said.

Labor’s package of reforms released this morning is an important announcement.  Over the last several years we have seen dozens of parks destroyed and thousands of trees removed in the name of development.  The cost to present and future Sydneysiders is high as the city’s green lungs are key to a healthy life,” said TEC Director, Jeff Angel. 

“Too often government has worked with developers to create concrete jungles and build environmentally destructive infrastructure, removing mature trees that provided clean air, cooling and wildlife habitat.  The urban park and tree massacre must stop.”

“We are particularly interested in the ALP’s commitment to elevate protection of green spaces in planning and development decisions with a much needed and first ever inventory of existing areas and review of the Planning Act.  Detailed legislative amendments will be required to ensure protection.”

“The focus on Western Sydney (often 10 deg. hotter than coastal Sydney) with continuing pressure to turn Western Sydney’s green food bowl into black rooved, treeless subdivisions is essential as dramatic action is required to stop harmful heat island impacts.”

“While the Berejiklian government has announced a Minister for Public Spaces and funds for new parks – their policies are too limited in scope and do nothing to ensure existing parks and trees survive into the future.  You can’t improve the city’s liveability by continuing to allow established parks and trees to be destroyed,” Mr Angel said.

Over the past 18 months, TEC has recorded over 70 parks under threat; along with the removal of many mature trees for transport and housing development. 


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