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Fishing Sydney Harbour

Would you eat fish out of Sydney Harbour? After decades of chemical contamination, marine scientist Edwina Tanner says our beautiful harbour has staged an awesome recovery, but it might be better to hold the fishing rod aloft for another decade! In this interview with Ruth Hessey, Dr Tanner describes what lives down under the ferries and sails....

Restoring A Fertile Australia

Ever wondered what makes our landscapes fertile and beautiful to behold? This fascinating interview with Dr Suzanne Prober from the CSIRO's Land and Water division, chatting with TEC's Ruth Hessey, makes it sound simple. Actually the way biodiversity creates fertility throughout the food chain is based on a dazzingly complex and delicate balance. Reckless land clearing and poor water management, says Dr Prober,  threaten our future food security. But there are lots of smart people on the land working with regenerative plants and seeds to safeguard the very fabric of our survival. 

Why The war On Trees Must End

Maria Bradley from Keep Sydney beautiful tells us how the chopping down of just one fig tree on Anzac parade changed her life - she's been campaigning for the protection of Sydney's iconic tree canopy ever since

Green Bans For Sydney's Green Spaces

THE BATTLE to SAVE Sydney's heritage spaces and trees has been going on for decades, with significant wins against development preserving the Rocks and Woolloomooloo - veteran filmmaker Pat Fiske chats to Ruth Hessey about her seminal film on the Green Bans in the 1970s, Rocking The Foundations, in 1985, screening at the SYDNEY FILM FESTIVAL 3:30 PM SAT 17 JUNE #SOSgreenspaces  

Angel Speaks - the politics of green space

TEC's director Jeff Angel unpacks the escalating tension between developers and residents as Sydney experiences a particularly excruciating and exfoliating growth spurt - which many people feel is destroying the city with an international reputation for natural beauty and liveability. Find out what you can do! And don't forget to listen to our environment radio program Monday Drive, presented by TEC's Communications Director, Ruth Hessey, on 89.7fm #EastsideRadio  (image Amy Scully, Jeff Angel pic Chris Rehberg)

Exciting Green Future Approaches

Dispell the doom and gloom! Ruth Hessey discusses how the transition to a new green energy future is already happening with energy analyst Alan Pears in this TEC Green Podcast, originally broadcast each Monday afternoon on 89.7fm. Pears says the flip-side to the current political torpor and the energy crisis is the exciting transition away from fossil fuels, burning the planet, and generally stuffing things up for the next generation. 

Dr Arthur White - Tadpoles Rule

Dr Arthur White has been communing with frogs since he was a kid scrambling through the Eastlakes Wetlands. Here he chats to TEC's Communications Director Ruth Hessey about what frogs do for us, and what we can do for them.

Rosy Porter - Sydney Bat Prowler

  She's quite batty - in the best way! Rosy Porter chatted with Ruth Hessey on TEC's environment radio show, Monday Drive about how much she's learned from working with the Australasian Bat Society. Rosy is the community coordinator at Addison Road Community Centre, in Marrickville and has a BA in landscape Architecture UNSW.

Pingala - Communities Powered By Green Energy

Tom Nockolds explains how democratically controlled, distributed community energy projects are already bringing social, environmental and economic benefits to communities across Australia. Director of The Community Power Agency, and a founding member of Sydney group, Pingala, Tom has expert knowledge of the different business models available to community groups in Australia's complex technical and regulatory environment.   

MD Shaun Carter - SaveOurSirius

MD Shaun Carter - SaveOurSirius

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