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Kathryn Jane Williams - Plant Blindness

Kathryn Jane Williams chats to TEC's Communications Director Ruth Hessey about how we need plants to live and survive, but we think of them as ‘furniture’ rather than living participants in the ecosystem. Kathryn is an Associate Professor in Environmental Psychology at the Sustainable Society Institute in Melbourne.

MD Tim Hollo - Greenmusic

Green Music Australia is harnessing the cultural power of music and musicians to lead the way to a greener world. So many musicians want to reduce their environmental impact but don’t know where to start. Green Music Australia is here to make it easy, providing tools, case studies, encouragement and hands on support, partnering with others across the sector to make change happen.

MD Anne-Maree Huxley - Blue Economy

In this podcast Ruth Hessey interviews Anne-Maree Huxley who is the founder of MOSS (Models of Success and Sustainability). In the interview Anne-Maree talks about her new project for future sustainability called ‘Blue Economy‘ and how this institute is working to use biomimetic principles and  apply them to new economic models.

Dr Ivan Nagelkerken - Ocean Sonar

In this interview Ruth Hessey talks to Associate Professor Ivan Nagelkerken about Nutrient pollution and Aquatic Sonic Pollution. We find out from our guest expert exactly what Nutrient pollution and  Aquatic Sonic Pollution is, why they’re occurring and how they’re changing sounds in the sea and how this change is affecting sea creatures and ocean life, not just around Australia, but around the world. 

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