NSW climate change move – far sighted

The announcement of a net zero emissions target for NSW will have far reaching, positive impacts on the state’s economy and environment, TEC said today.

“It will need a wide range of concrete and specific programs across key pollution sources such as land clearing, energy production and urban development.  A number of major policy areas are already in flux and will need to be brought into line with the new target,’’ said Jeff Angel, Executive Director of Total Environment Centre.

"To reach the 2050 target, substantial action will have to start now and the community will be looking for effective policies.''

‘’For example, Sydney is about to review its Metro Plan via the Greater Sydney Commission and inevitably low emission transport, energy efficient buildings and expanding tree cover will have to become prominent.  Land clearing laws, which are proposed to be weakened across the state must be redrafted.  And NSW should quickly phase out coal fired power.’’

‘’The credo for a 21st century state is to be green and resilient in the face of climate change and play its part in global efforts to thwart dangerous climate change.  We look forward to examining the government’s detailed plans,” Mr Angel said.  

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