Coal - financial markets decide


TEC has been working towards financial and social responsibility within the business community for many years.

Now climate change has been recognised as a “material” risk to Australia’s financial system by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority.  

Business is leading where government is lagging.

No amount of grandstanding, political donations from the mining industry or clean coal spin will work and the government should recognise that the Paris Climate Agreement is embedded in the investor mainstream.   

"TheTurnbull government should get with the future," said Jeff Angel, Executive Director of TEC. 


The climate bombshell the politicians didn't touch

Michael Pascoe, SMH, 20/2/17

Never mind the politicisation of energy and carbon policy – the market and legal system is moving rapidly to instil the discipline and punishment the government isn't game to discuss.  That was the core of the climate change bombshell dropped by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority on Friday. The policy vacuum will be filled by the personal liability of company directors and the disclosure requirements of financial regulators.


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