Coastal Development Crisis – government should step in

Revelations that a wave of development along the coast threatens rare plant and animal species and will place residents in danger from fire and flood, are so alarming that the Perrottet government should call a moratorium on key sites.

 The successful campaign of Save Scotts Head

"It’s very concerning that zombie Development Applications are being activated, as they were bad in the first place – even worse now with climate change snapping at our heels.  The Premier needs to rein in the excessive pro-development forces in his government and in local coastal councils and impose modern environmentally sensitive planning including staying away from floodplains and threatened species habitat," says Jeff Angel, Director of the Centre.

"If we don’t see such development through a climate change prism and the endangered species crisis, then future costs to our environment and risks to residents will be significant.  We can have development, including affordable housing – but not development at any cost.  We haven’t seen much good environmental planning from the government in recent times – they need to show a green side."


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