Cookie Cutter Killing Suburban Treescapes

Sydney's tree-lined suburbs are already being replaced by cookie cutter streetscapes - the removal of a cluster of casurinas in Avalon for a bed of small plants offering no shade for humans or birdlife is just one example. 

Councils all over Sydney are sounding the alarm bell, SMH reported this week, over the new design guide in the state government's proposed policy on medium-density housing.

Sutherland Shire Council warns the planning amendments would result in a "cookie cutter" approach to development and design, undermining "a neighbourhood's sense of place".

The council is particularly concerned the types of developments will leave little space for canopy trees.

The Inner West Council said there was merit in increased use of complying development, but was sceptical about the measures proposed. The proposed controls would "result in significant changes to the residential character of areas in which they are carried out," the council said. "Based on past experience this will lead to considerable community dissatisfaction."


Meanwhile the cookie cutter is already at work in Avalon, where Council plans to "upgrade" a section of Barrenjoey Road by removing a stand of native Casuarina trees and replacing them with tiny plants. These casuarinas create shade and a beautiful melody from the breeze.
They also provide vital habitat for wildlife like Black Cockatoos. A bed of small plants will not provide a fraction of the ecosystem services, and cannot hope to cool the pavement during summer heatwaves.
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