Developers trash Sydney's future

The push by the development lobby to stop new green spaces and tree canopy will harm present and future generations as killer urban heat arrives with climate change, a peak environment group said today.

‘’Developers don’t care about the future - only their bottom line.  It’s so short sighted when we have to make Sydney a safer place under global warming, including for those that live in apartments who will need access to green spaces and the cooling effect of a tree canopy near and around the units,’’ said Jeff Angel, Director of Total Environment Centre.

‘’The provisions for deep soil, protection of existing mature trees and new plantings are essential to ensure canopy survival.  The shade that is afforded can reduce outside temperatures by up to 10 degrees and significantly reduce the heat flow into buildings from the outside concrete at night.  They are nature’s air conditioner.”

‘’I am confident there is widespread support for these policies.’’ 

‘’We commend Rob Stokes, Minister for Planning for continuing development of the appropriate policies and we will continue to advocate that new standards are mandatory.  This is about reducing the costs to homeowners and creating a liveable environment,’’ Mr Angel said.

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