Plastic, Koalas, Climate, Waste in 2019

New governments have been elected in NSW and federally - creating new challenges - and in our experience, there are always opportunities. TEC has been working to protect the environment for 47 years – and we will continue the fight! What's on the agenda?


Plastic Pollution

There is undoubtedly widespread community and scientific concern at local, state, national and international levels about the plastic infesting our oceans – 100 million tonnes have already been dumped!

With most states banning plastic bags and implementing container deposit schemes - it is now time for Australia to move onto other single use, takeaway items such as straws, coffee cups and foodware. The EU has decided to ban them from 2021. There are plenty of proven and safer alternatives.

TEC was one of the first groups to sound the alarm about plastic pollution – keep us leading with a donation.

Climate Change

The intensification of drought, flood and breaking of temperature records are ongoing proof of dangerous climate change. Federal and state governments have long term goals but concrete action plans with progressive 5 year targets are required to direct development and power supply decisions.

TEC is the only active environment group in the National Electricity Market space (a complex but fundamentally important array of rules and processes). We are advocating for a demand management market to save energy (a decision is expected in a few months) and support for household battery systems, to protect them from any rorting by traditional energy utilities.

Our power supply must go green – your donation will help TEC counter the big, coal generator lobby.

Green Spaces

TEC continues to join with local communities to save existing parks and trees from destruction for development. In a growing city, existing areas should be sacrosanct.  We support a new law that makes it much harder to remove protection, instead giving these assets a strong voice in decision making.

Our campaign led to the creation of a Minister for Public Spaces in NSW and we have already met the Minister, Rob Stokes to push for such protection.

Your donations got us this far – your support will help us finish the job.

Saving Koalas

These iconic species are at risk of local extinction. TEC has been focused on Sydney’s urban fringe, where development for housing and infrastructure is concreting their habitat. The NSW government promised action during the election and it is essential that the new conservation measures are put into place and east-west corridors retained and revegetated, before any development decisions are made.

A gift from you will save Sydney’s koalas.

State Waste Policy

The justifiable rejection of our kerbside collections by China and increasingly by other Asian markets (e.g. India, Malaysia) has created a domestic waste crisis. There is the twin threat of resources being wasted by being sent to landfill or waste to energy (which is not recycling); and a massive loss of confidence and engagement by the public in recycling.

TEC is campaigning for recycled content rules; new procurement policies; and financial support to create a vital circular economy.

Our work on recycling has made great gains over many years – we have more to do.

With your support we can take big strides on environment protection in the coming months. Your donation is essential to our survival and success. Please give generously.


Jeff Angel



Top of page image: TEC interns at Youth Climate Rally 15/03/19

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