Ian Kiernan: heroic, determined, inspiring

The passing of Ian Kiernan is a great loss to the Australian community.

“He was a leader in the protection of our environment and leaves an enduring legacy by making us aware of our responsibilities to future generations; impressing on our politicians the need to act; and establishing Clean Up Australia and Clean Up the World”, said Jeff Angel, Director of Total Environment centre and Boomerang Alliance.

“Whether it was inspiring hundreds of thousands of people to pick up litter or campaigning to bring in rubbish prevention laws, like the plastic bag bans and recycling schemes like refunds on drink containers – Ian made a massive difference.  He spoke to the whole spectrum of Australian society with good sense, cut through messages, humour and optimism.”

“I was privileged to work with Ian over several decades and he was always generous with his time and advice.  He never gave up and we and our environment are so much the better for it.  When the history books are written about the environment battles of the last 50 years, Ian’s contribution to cleaner waterways and oceans and an environment protection ethic that runs deep in our society, will be justifiably applauded.”

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