Key Koala Refuge and Corridor to be Cleared

Koala habitat designated as of regional koala significance (ARKS) on the mid-north coast with the local koala population listed as a priority population for investment by the NSW Koala Strategy – is to be bulldozed under weak NSW land clearing laws

‘’While the state government announces buying land for Koalas on the one hand, hundreds more hectares essential for survival of this endangered species can be cleared under secret consents by the Local Land Services agency, on the other hand.  Rural, agricultural and forestry lands are exempt from Koala protections applied to other lands.  The NSW government needs to urgently reform these laws brought in by the previous Liberal-National government,’’ said Jeff Angel, Director of Total Environment Centre.

‘’Endangered species, like the Koala won’t survive across the landscape when you give with one hand and take with another.  Its current trajectory towards extinction must be reversed.’’

This particular area (Limeburners Creek) provides a corridor linking Koalas from the north and south directly into the Karuah National Park. The NSW SEED Portal confirms the area where this clearing will occur sits at the top of the Preferred Koala Tree Index which indicates this is prime habitat. Sightings data in SEED also shows the prevalence of koalas both in Limeburners Creek and the surrounding areas, indicating any koala habitat in the area is valuable for the recovery of the species. 

Link to Briefing Note on the Limeburners Creek situation.

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