More Sun for everyone under new rule

Total Environment Centre welcomed the final decision on the “More sun for everyone” reforms proposed by TEC and ACOSS, as a balanced and fair approach.

“Doing nothing was not an option. New solar owners are being subjected to low or zero  export limits as the grid’s capacity to absorb more solar energy shrinks in the middle of the day”, explained Mark Byrne, TEC’s energy market advocate. “And there were increasing calls for people who cannot install solar and batteries not to be forced to subsidise the network needs of those that do.”

“The reform is the result of two year’s work by TEC, ACOSS and over 100 other stakeholders. We decided that collaborating with welfare advocates was the best way to get the best deal possible for the entire community, including solar and battery owners.”

“However, the initial draft rules released by the AEMC several months ago were still problematic, so we proposed some critical amendments. We are very happy to say that the AEMC has adopted all of them.”

The changes include:

  • Networks will no longer be allowed to ban solar exports entirely.
  • Solar owners must be given the option of not opting in to an export tariff, if they think it will not work for them.
  • The new rules will be phased in over a decade, so there is plenty of time for existing rooftop solar systems to pay for themselves.

“We are confident that most solar owners can be better off under the new rules, which will reward the value to networks of energy exported to the grid at times of peak demand.”

“This is especially true if you can run more appliances during the day, face solar panels east or west instead of north; install a home battery; or charge an EV when the sun is shining,” said Mark Byrne.

“Now that the formal process has been finalised, we look forward to working with other stakeholders through the next network revenue determination process, especially to design export tariffs that can benefit everyone.”

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