Not Stoked About Manly Vale

Perhaps Planning Minister Rob Stokes is starting to feel the heat over the imminent devastation of the Manly Warringah War Memorial Park? We talked to long time locals appalled by the plan to develop this irreplaceable asset.


“The first thing to say is that it is a park, it is protected,” Stokes said today, when questioned by the Manly Daily.

This was obvious and it should have helped before approval was granted in December to destroy up to 4 hectares of native bushland, as well endangered natives species like the Pygmy Possom, for the Manly Vale Public School expansion.  But it didn't.

The Park is a jewel on Sydney’s northern beaches, but is under threat of encroachment from all sides, and has been for decades. Now the bulldozers are about to descend on this beautiful breathing space, a sanctuary for humans, wildlife and rare orchids alike.

The Manly Daily reports that Premier Baird now supports better protection of the park.  But it's not just this park under threat. The NSW Government should be examining how to enhance protection of all of Sydney’s remnant bushland and green space to stop threats from public and private developers.

Ironically, much of the current spate of development is taking place on land recently mapped by the Greater Sydney Commission as required for its much-vaunted Green Grid.

What can we do about this? Write to Premier Baird and ask him not to proceed with the destruction of the Manly Vale bushland. The new school layout must be reconsidered. Protection must be enhanced – not just for Manly Warringah War Memorial Park but for all of Sydney’s remnant bushland and green spaces. 

Watch here to find out why locals are protesting the school expansion.

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