TEC Attacked By Murdoch Media

TEC must be doing something right! We have obviously annoyed some powerful people. TEC was singled out by The Daily Telegraph three times in one week in articles that claimed that environment groups have created "a tax financed barrier to progress" in NSW by protesting against recent government reforms and developments which renowned scientists, town planners and local communities all agree are a threat to the continued health of our ecosystems



The Telegraph called for TEC to be defunded, and also denounced the Stand Up For Nature alliance which has been fighting to preserve what were strong and effective biodiversity laws protecting our land and native species - and which counter to all expert advice the government dumped for weaker laws just two weeks ago.

If "progress" is so short sighted as to justify the destruction of our city’s mature tree canopy, clearing endangered ecological communities for motorways, digging new coal mines or bringing in government policies that don’t protect us against climate change, then yes, we are and will always be a barrier to those damaging and retrograde forces. Our focus is always on our shared future.

Many of you contact us daily about the impacts of the Baird government's aggressive public works program which is ripping so many communities apart to build more infrastructure for cars in a city already standing still due to long hours of total gridlock across the metropolitan area.

We have also shared your distress over the attacks on hundreds of Sydney's heritage trees and inner city patches of bushland which provide habitat for thousands of birds, animals and plants - the caretakers of Sydney's clean air and water, not to mention healthy soil.

Rest assured we will not be silenced, especially not now, as the impacts of climate change on our dry hot continent become more apparent every day. Working with scientists across the environmental spectrum, we will continue to pursue fact based campaigns and push for long term solutions to the challenges we all face.

Thank you to the hundreds of you who have already contacted us this week to offer your full support for our work - both the achievements of the past 12 months, and our plans for 2017 which include:  

  • The latest research proves the urban tree canopy is worth hundreds of millions of dollars, and is essential to a healthy happy lifestyle. We have a strategy to protect our green spaces and urban trees with strong laws and visionary planning.

  • We have a national plan to eliminate 70% of plastic pollution entering in our oceans by 2020, in coalition with the Boomerang Alliance.  Our innovative blueprint includes more container deposit schemes, a ban on single use plastic bags and microbeads in all products, and a much-needed stop to factory pollution.

  • Our new metro and district plans will create a bright, green, sustainable vision for a rapidly-expanding Greater Sydney. We’ve brought together 15 peak professional, community and academic groups to push government plans so that Sydney will not become a monstrous concrete wasteland.

  • Our report on household battery storage and solar rooftops in the National Electricity Market will kick-start a green energy revolution. Our extensive campaign and lobbying expertise will ensure Australians get a fair go. 

If you'd like to help us stand up to the forces attempting to shut us down, and add to our record of over 100 successful campaigns that fulfil our non-partisan, charitable purpose to protect the environment, follow this link.


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