TEC Tackles Plastic Food Wrapping

Today we worked with SMH to expose massive plastic packaging abuse in supermarkets, highlighting “Marketing Gone Mad”. By applying pressure to retailers, we can end this deadly pollution killing marine life, contaminating our human food chain and wasting resources.

Today's article revealed that supermarkets are massively over packaging fruit and vegetables in plastic. Just 217 NSW supermarkets can dispose of up to 230 tonnes of plastic film and wrap, an average of one tonne per supermarket, per year in an attempt to sell fake "freshness" and keep old food on the shelves.

Even ALDI, which has banned free single use plastic bags, is abusing plastic packaging. 


This is serious! Plastic pollution is having such a destructive effect that hundreds of marine species are under threat; our human food chain is being contaminated; landscapes despoiled; and finite resources dumped. 

TEC is doing something about it. 

We have a comprehensive strategy to stop this so we can all can enjoy a sustainable and healthy Australia, free of plastic pollution, using these initiatives: 

   TEC’s mobile Ocean Action Pod is raising awareness about the sources of plastic pollution and what we can do in communities all over NSW

   With the Boomerang Alliance we’ve lobbied state governments for thirteen years to adopt container deposit systems and ban plastic bag

   Our spotlight is pressuring Coles, Woolworths and Aldi to end their wasteful plastic practices

   We are campaigning hard for NSW to ban the single use plastic bag ban. 

Your support has got us this far. But we are up against big business and lazy governments.  

We can stop this!

Join our campaign to end wasteful plastic packaging


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