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Will Circular Fashion Save a Toxic Industry?

Appalled by textile waste and fast fashion toxicity, designer Camille Reed decided to create an industry congress by starting the Circular Fashion Conference. Here she talks with TEC's Ruth Hessey about how sustainability will transform fashion manufacturing and design on TEC's weekly environment themed radio program, Monday Drive 89.7fm.

Australia's Energy Wars

Canberra is rife with extremists who think climate science shouldn't be influencing the Australian economy and those who point to the growing $billions lost in desiccated river systems, collapsing food bowls, dying reefs and endless drought. Jeff Angel offers seasoned insights talking to Ruth Hessey on 89.7fm

Sydney's Seige Mentality

Colonial Sydney is only a scratch away from the modern metropolis but from the Powerhouse to Parramatta to Mount Gilead, TEC's Urban Sustainability and Koala Advocate, Saul Deane, says we are developing our history away. Here he chats to Ruth Hessey about what's at stake - from Sydney's koalas to rare heritage landscape.


Science teacher, activist, and mother of three, Fiona McCrossin has been swept up in AUSMAP, the new citizen project from TEC which is mapping and analysing plastic on our beaches to help build solutions. She talks to Ruth Hessey about how she became aware of what the UN recently identified as the greatest threat to the planet currently facing us - and how that has affected her teaching career. For more info visit the AUSMAP website. To listen to our weekly radio program check out Monday Drive on 89.7 fm every Monday 4-6pm.

Action On Microplastics

Macquarie University's Doctor Scott Wilson discusses a brilliant new TEC project which addresses the micro-plastic plaguing our beaches. AUSMAP is a data collection, citizen science strategy, which matches students and academics in a massive, global first initiative to measure, map and analyse the presence of this toxic pollutant in our aquatic ecosystems.

Save Sydney's Wild Koalas

We have one of Australia's last healthy populations of wild koalas in Sydney, but their habitat is about to be bulldozed after recent "rezoning" by the State government knocked an eviction order on their habitat to make way for thousands of new human homes. TEC's Sustainability Campaigner Saul Deane chats to Ruth Hessey about how critical this koala community is, and how many people are fighting to save not just the koalas, but a significant stretch of Western Sydney's bushland. What Can You Do? Donate to TEC's campaign and support Saul's work to Save Sydney's Koalas.

Facing A Drier Future

Doctor Ian Wright is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in freshwater ecology and water pollution at University of Western Sydney. Here he chats to TEC's Ruth Hessey on TEC's weekly environment radio program, about water stress and what happens when a city runs dry - could it happen here?

The Future of Fashion

Dr Gene Sherman has been a cultural provokateur and inspirational philanthropist for several decades, creating influential conversations between artists designers and intellectuals, while infiltrating popular culture with her many activities. Since the 1980s she's kept her wardrobe down to 33 pieces, donating retired items to the Powerhouse Museum's collection. Here she chats to TEC's Ruth Hessey about the power of our personal choices and the future of fashion.

History's Eco Lessons

Time Travelling Tom Griffiths, popular author, Eureka Prize winner and history professor at ANU, chats to Ruth Hessey about the lessons we should learn from human interaction with our environment over the past few thousand years - if we don't want our civilisation to disappear, as so many others have! 

Why Tree Clearing is Hurting Australia

Australia is now deforesting faster than almost any other country in the world. Here Dr Penny van Oosterzee's chats to Ruth hessey about the ecological consequences, now and in the future. Penny is a QLD scientist and writer who has won two Eureka Science Prizes.

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