We must protect them!


Sydney’s last remaining healthy koala colony is facing end of days if something is not done to urgently protect it. So TEC is taking action!

Anxiously watched over by local wildlife activists for decades in Sydney's South West, the colony's matriarchs and their cubs have so far managed to survive major assaults on their population caused by dog attacks, increased traffic congestion, and subdivision of bushland that was formerly habitat. This is one of the last disease free koala colonies in Australia.

With more than 30,000 new homes and highway upgrades proposed for the Campbelltown area, however, ecologists and carers agree that this koala colony will not prove resilient in the face of escalating stressors and threats.

To this end, TEC has created our new Save Sydney's Koalas campaign. TEC’s ultimate campaign goal is the long term, permanent recognition of this vital koala sanctuary, which must be legally protected from rezoning, housing development and road building.

TEC aims to bring the koala colony's unique status to the attention of the general public through our focused awareness campaign aimed at local and mainstream media, schools, and the tourism sector. Local and federal politicians will be urged to make a public commitment to ensuring the longevity of the colony.

Local volunteers have already created detailed mapping of the population since 1989, but without resources their vital research into this unique colony cannot be effectively sustained.

TEC has 40 years of experience defending wildlife habitat and working with local communities, as well as negotiating regulatory, parliamentary and political process. We offer unique support to this important battle to save Sydney's last wild koala population from extinction.





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