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Waste not | Award winning documentary

Waste not is an award winning documentary film about the beauty of garbage. It shows who keeps our big cities clean and sparkling, and where our garbage goes. WASTE NOT is also about the future – how a single simple thing like recycling could reconfigure our whole society. On a planet with finite resources, zero waste could be the key to our survival. FIND OUT MORE 

Smart locale | For a smart sustainable local economy

Smart Locale is an open collaboration for a brighter, smarter, better local economy. A great place to live, work, study, visit, invest and do business in. Sustainably. We’re harnessing the collective impact of many stakeholder participants across business, government, research and academia, public institutions, engaged individuals and community groups. FIND OUT MORE    Enregistrer

Green Capital | Building sustainable economies

Green Capital is Australia’s leading independent business sustainability program, offering forums, cutting-edge research, policy development, stakeholder engagement and networking opportunities for our members. It acts as a hub for business, government and civil society to debate and drive progress towards a sustainable economy and society.   FIND OUT MORE

HotHouse | Brighter, smarter, better

HotHouse is the dynamic creative engagement program of the Total Environment Centre. With events, exhibitions and educational programs we include people in a new sustainability story by inspiring them and empowering new ideas and actions. We believe that the sustainability challenge presents all of us with a unique opportunity, to build a brighter, smarter, better world for everyone. The potential for meaningful positive change is all around us and HotHouse helps you to get involved! FIND OUT MORE

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