Cumberland Plain Koalas Get A Win

New measures to protect endangered Koalas and begin delivery of conservation reserves on the western edge of Sydney by the Minns government, is a ‘’definite improvement’’, environmentalists said today.

Total Environment Centre had a range of significant concerns with the impact of the urban sprawl allowed under the Cumberland Plain Conservation Plan (CPCP).  Koala protection measures should now be improved with the proposed South-West Koala Map and C2 environment protection zoning. "Conservation reserves to protect threatened plants and animals had been put off into the never-never placing them in peril from development – but protection is now beginning with funding.  However, more is needed and clearing in the interim prevented,’’ adds our Executive Director, Jeff Angel.

The announced policies are still a work in progress, and Total Environment Centre, alongside its project Sydney Basin Koala Network, will be monitoring implementation closely.  In the interim, we call for no further developments to be considered or approved. Occupied koala habitat, such as at Appin, should also not be classified as urban capable.

"The CPCP covers an area with over 100 threatened species and ecological communities and was clearly failing to balance conservation and housing needs." Jeff Angel adds.

Stephanie Carrick, Project Director of the Sydney Basin Koala Network also comments that they will be working with their scientists, and allied groups, to prepare their version of the Koala Map. Ensuring that all migratory corridors (eg Mallatty Creek) are included for protection and where necessary restoration.

"Measures to reduce Koala road kills are also critical, and the application of best practise fencing guidelines and wildlife crossings will be welcome."

Below you can see our report card on the announcement, made in collaboration with Sydney Basin Koala Network, with results qualified by the concern that strategic conservation land could still be cleared by a public authority:

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