New EPA Powers welcomed!

Reducing pollution often involves the carrot and stick, but ongoing incidents of deliberate pollution have shown that the NSW EPA needs more stick to combat those who flout environment protection.


"The new range of fines and regulatory powers introduced into the NSW Parliament are an appropriate response to environmental crime and the growing concern in the community about environmental loss.  The state’s environmental regulator needs the muscle to deter and prosecute polluters,’’ said Jeff Angel, Director of TEC.

Key reforms are:

  • Doubling fines
  • Public warnings about poor operators
  • Preventing a person from holding or applying for an environment protection licence
  • Additional measures regarding pesticides and waste
  • Increasing the fines that can be imposed by council officers.

"The ongoing asbestos pollution crisis brought the need for these reforms into stark focus.  We urge the NSW Parliament to pass them as quickly as possible,’’ Mr Angel said.

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