Ocean Action Pod

Over the past twelve months our Ocean Action Pod has been a huge hit with a range of communities - from schools to councils, shoppers in plazas and weekend markets.

The project was originally activated through a grant from the NSW Environmental Trust, and created by the Total Environment Centre to engage both adults and children with the growing problem of plastic pollution. Plastic rubbish is everywhere, from nano particles in our food to highly visible litter plaguing our waterways. Images of wildlife in distress are all over the internet. Plastic pollution is a daunting challenge for humanity, but the solutions and actions are ours to take. Our programs are designed to empower little children and inspire adults. 

The POD is a 5 metre long walk-in trailer fitted out with interactive displays, a science discovery station and flatscreen TV that plays educational films. Responding to enthusiastic word of mouth, the POD programs have evolved to include a range of educational games and props, a Mini-Pod, and POD-free options for a variety of sites and audiences. 

The Pod also has an online shop for those wishing to purchase educational posters and resources. 



“Never has a school project had such impact and ignited such passion in my kindergarten boy...”

The reviews are in! TEC's Ocean Action Pod empowers student groups with a range of highly original participatory activities, engaging narratives and colourful displays that build knowledge and inspire students to take personal action for healthier oceans. Proactive and optimistic in the face of a monumental environment crisis, the pod offers a range of curriculum matched activities for K-6 students delivered by trained educators and volunteers.  Teacher's notes and resources are provided to support all activities.


The Ocean Action Pod actively engages with communities just like yours through various council and environmental events. Contact us to talk over your site specific requirements and target audience. Our programs are highly adaptable and our educators are trained to be flexible and responsive while delivering disciplined activities which have been thoroughly tested and workshopped. Our programs are educational, but we can also custom design POD interactions to engage all age groups from all walks of life.


Pod Creative Director: Rosanna Perillo-Boutin

Acting Coordinator: Lisa Wriley

The POD team L-R: Andy Gray, Leroy Bellanto, Sofia Dalla, Portia Hackett, Rianti Bieler, Samantha Hozack, Cameron Kite, Sjirk Bangma, Zoe Mahaut, Lisa Wriley


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