A visionary plan to protect and expand Sydney’s green and blue spaces for present and future generations was released today, as a counterbalance to the growing population and push for denser development.

Photo of greenery with graphic with words explaining Plan to protect and expand Sydney’s green and blue spaces

The Blue Green Grid – Sydney’s Open Space Vision and Implementation Strategy, is urgently needed as the state government ramps up more and denser housing.  It also seeks to protect the remaining native bushland and endangered species, such as the Koala colony on the city’s edge.

There have been quite a few plans and ad hoc green space programs over the years, but they have not delivered what Sydney needs now and into the future.  

Map showing Sydney's green grid and blue zones including waterways, parks, canopy, and green spaces

Our Plan puts considerable focus on implementation of the vision, for example:

  • Cabinet level subcommittee with Planning, Environment, Transport, Housing, and Health to coordinate and oversee rollout
  • State Environmental Planning Policy to mandate delivery and protection prior to developments occurring
  • Koala Greenbelt in the Cumberland Plain west of Campbelltown and Wollondilly
  • A Koala to Coastal Whale Walk around Sydney
  • Improved protection and expansion of the tree canopy on private and public lands

"The benefits for health, urban cooling, climate policy and biodiversity are enormous.  Sydney should not degenerate into a concrete jungle as some developers seem to want.  New developments and governments should provide funds and land for green spaces.  It’s a basic infrastructure need.’’ Jeff Angel, Director of Total Environment Centre concludes.

Read the full strategy now.

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