Fate of Key Koala Corridor at Stake

New development in and around the Warragamba township is threatening an important Koala colony, as it fragments and degrades their habitat.  Local community concern is growing, and Total Environment Centre is calling for a halt to current and future planned clearing, so that protection of this endangered species can be put in place.

A generation of koalas live both south, south-east and north of the Warragamba township, and rely on a corridor of bushland though the township to connect and grow.  Due to fencing of the Warragamba Dam area, this generation of koalas are trapped on the residential side, and corridors of bushland in urban areas are now critical to their survival.  As the corridor and habitat trees disappear, they are forced onto the roads and are then in great danger of vehicle strike.

New development in and around the Warragamba township is threatening an important Koala colony

"The situation is testimony to the scarcity of protection measures for Koalas both in the past and right now.  The well established knowledge that Koalas do inhabit the area is either being ignored or downgraded, so there is little done to ensure their survival. Council and environmental agencies are hamstrung." Jeff Angel explains.

We were pleased that during the election the new Environment Minister, Penny Sharpe committed to "work with landholders to maximise the protection of wildlife corridors" and recently announced action on the Woronora corridor.  Total Environment Centre sees a clear need to urgently get the corridor protection work underway particularly in the Sydney Basin, using the advice of the Chief Scientist; and also intervene, where necessary, to stop clearing until new measures are in place.

Click here to read the detailed investigation into the Warragamba situation by Sydney Basin Koala Network, a Total Environment Centre Project, funded by WIRES.

We have calculated that we need to raise $45,000 to campaign this issue effectively. We launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise the money. Now is the time to step up for Koalas, but we can only do this with your support! Join the cause today. Review the latest progress on our 2023 Sydney Basin Koala Campaign here.

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