As part of our advocacy for Sydney Basin Koalas, our urban Green Spaces, and the fight against climate change - we have discussed these vital issues in all our meetings with NSW State Election Candidates, including key independent Alex Greenwich, (Sydney).  

We have asked all major parties and independents how they plan to tackle these vital issues if elected. We are happy to announce release that our full scorecard on the responses by key parties and independent candidates will occur tomorrow.

In the meantime, we wanted to share Alex Greenwich's response supporting Total Environment Centre's Sydney Basin Koala Policy, our Green Spaces Policy and the Sydney Koala Green Belt, a better circular economy, and more. 

Alex Greenwich supports Total Environment Centre Election Ask

Alex Greenwich supports Total Environment Centre Election Ask

You can read Alex Greenwhich full letter here as well. 

If you wish to support our work to protect the Sydney Basin Koalas, please consider donating to this crucial work. We have calculated that we need to raise $45,000 to campaign this issue effectively. Now is the time to step up for Koalas, but we can only do this with your support! Join the cause today

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