This weekend's ALP’s policy to fast track the Georges River Koala National Park fixes a fundamental flaw in the government’s plan for western Sydney bushland. According to Jeff Angel, our Executive Director, "The NSW government’s Cumberland Plain Plan exposed critical Koala woodland and forest to the threat of clearing for the next several decades." A wide range of environment and community groups have called for environment protection first, and later consideration of development. He states that "If you leave bushland in the twilight zone, inevitably developers will lobby to fast track its destruction for private gain.’’

Planning Minister Anthony Roberts already allows developers at Appin and Wilton to escape normal consultation and council consent processes and push ahead with damaging development plans. 

The ALP’s policy also recognises the importance of wildlife corridors and insulating Koalas from the threat of road kills.

However, significant problems remain in the wider Sydney Basin with its 5 endangered Koala colonies, and we call on both major parties to address these as a mater of urgency.  

Our Sydney Basin Koala Policy sets out the need to:

  • SAVE THE 5 REMAINING COLONIES: just five colonies are left and heading for extinction due to the massive 2019/20 bushfires; and ongoing mining, logging and urban development.  
  • KOALA GREENBELT: around the western edge of our biggest city, Sydney, to permanently protect habitat. 
  • CLOSE LEGAL LOOPHOLES: Ending legal loopholes allowing clearing of habitat by:

This work is a part of our 2023 Sydney Basin Koala Campaign, for which we are currently raising funds. We need $45,000 to make this a successful campaign! An urgent donation to this work leading up to the election is highly appreciated. Donate here

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