Having Fun

It's not all pushing pollies and endangered species up hill! Working in the the environment offers the full range of intellectual entertainments - even fashionable moments like this...

He's no stranger to celebrating the beauty of garbage. But it was something out of the box for TEC's director Jeff Angel, when he found himself hanging out with fellow art prize judges Wendy Sharpe, the acclaimed Australian painter, and Steven Alderton, the Director and Chief Executive of the National Arts School, in Ryde recently.


The City of Ryde's very popular Sustainable Waste to Art Prize attracted a startling range of artists this year, working with extraordinary materials - all salvaged and recycled into whimsical new forms.  Jeff thoroughly enjoyed the experience and was impressed by the ingenuity of the entries.

It was all a nice change from Australia's current energy crisis, our biodiversity crisis, the plastic pollution crisis, and endless jousting with politicians and policy advisors (the sort of crisis Jeff actually enjoys).

Explore the prize winners here and don't forget Waste Not, TEC's film, website, educational resources, and campaign to encourage the exciting transition to a waste free world - is already happening now.


The exhibition runs until Wednesday 20 September 2017


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