We get around! This week it was Parliament House with Greens MPs keen to discuss our SOS Green Spaces campaign. This cortisol driven city needs every green breathing space it already has and will need many more in the future. 

Environment campaigning is as much about meeting people as is it is about waving placards in the street - in fact the strategies we use back stage and the alliances we form are critical. Every day another group contacts us with news of fresh assaults on our urban parks and trees. 


So this week TEC's director Jeff Angel, and senior campaigner Corinne Fisher sat down with Greens MPs Mehreen Faruqi, Jamie Parker, and Dawn Walker, to nut out the best tactics for protecting Sydney's stunning natural assets - its beautiful parks, trees and bushland.

What Can You Do?

  • Support our work by donating to the SOS Green Spaces campaign
  • Join the SOS Green Spaces Network on facebook
  • Protect you favourite Green Space by using our Community Action Toolkit to mobilise your neighbourhood
  • Never give up!

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