Thumbs Up For Green Guide

TEC's Green Electricity Guide, which rates the most renewable, least polluting energy retailers, has been given a top rating itself by Choice Magazine!

The electricity sector is one of the dirtiest industries in Australia, with coal the main culprit. Choice magazine has just reviewed our Green Electricity Guide providing a detailed analysis of our energy ratings. 

In brief, if you do want to support renewable energy and can afford it, the Green Electricity Guide will help you find Australia's greenest electricity providers.

The latest review compares and ranks 31 electricity providers according to their green credentials. 

For the third guide in a row, small energy companies Powershop and Diamond Energy came out on top and AGL received this year a most improved award for moving away from further investment in dirty fossil fuels.

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What Can You Do?

Save the reef, save our terrestrial ecosystems, save our oceans - reduce your greenhouse emissions by using the power of your choices! Use the Green Electricity Guide today!

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