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Koala Destruction Bill

TEC is calling for legislation agreed by the NSW Liberals and National Party to be withdrawn from the Parliament. 

WA 10cent refunds on drink containers needs more work

The Western Australian Container deposit scheme, launched today, will need a lot more work to be accessible and maximise recycling, said TEC on releasing a new briefing today.  Claims it is the most accessible in Australia are simply wrong.

Nats Deranged Campaign Against Koalas

At a time when the NSW government needs to fully focus on managing the COVID crisis, the National Party’s ‘’split’’ from the Coalition over the koala protection is one the most irrational moves seen in many decades and will do a great disservice to the community, TEC said today.  

Cumberland Plain Plan – last chance to get it right for koalas and endangered bushland

The release of the draft Cumberland Plain Conservation Plan is the last chance to protect and regenerate remaining endangered habitat before the area is engulfed in urban development.


Queensland’s Container Recycling Scheme (CRS) has come under fire in an independent health report that calls for greater transparency and reporting, an increased number of refund locations and expansion to the types of bottles and cans which can be returned.

More Sun for Everyone

The TEC/ACOSS rule change “More sun for everyone“ aims to benefit solar owners and support greater uptake of solar and other distributed energy resources to help accelerate decarbonisation and improve affordability for everyone, reports Mark Byrne, our Energy Advocate.

Sydney Koala Survival Plan

A new plan to protect Sydney’s Koala colony threatened by development on the western edge of the city was released today calling for a national park, wide wildlife corridors and improved state planning controls.

Win on reducing energy use, bills and emissions

National Electricity market regulators have agreed to implement a rule change championed by TEC, PIAC and the Australia Institute by 2021, that will reduce energy use, bills and CO2 emissions.

Lost Shipping Containers – plastic pollution hazard

The loss of up to 50 shipping containers now polluting the NSW east coast should be treated as a hazardous pollution event with consequent large fines to help with cleanup, Total Environment Centre and the Boomerang Alliance said today.

Viral Green Space Renaissance

In this time of COVID-19, Sydneysiders are flocking to our green spaces for exercise and mental relaxation.  It can be numbing staying indoors and certainly, is not a healthy lifestyle. Young parents are pushing prams; older couples are strolling;  there’s lots of dog walking; teenagers chat as they stride; cyclists discovering bike paths; informal games with the kids; solo walkers plugged into ipods. 

Cigarette Butt Litter: big problem needs good bins

Cigarette butts are unsightly and worse they contain plastic which can pollute our waterways and ocean.  Part of the solution is good bins in public spaces.  How do the various types perform?  A series of cigarette butt bin information sheets have been developed by an independent reviewer.* They should be used as a general guide only and you should consider how each type of equipment is suitable to your local area and community. This information is current on 1 March 2020.  * David Coleman, Asterisk One

How to Improve the Qld Refund Scheme

New data on the operation of the 10cent container refund scheme (CRS) in Qld points the way to improving the convenience for households and access to their refunds.

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