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Parks and Trees Hit the NSW Election Trail

The growing focus on urban parks and trees, so essential to Sydney’s liveability - with announcements by both political parties, was welcomed by Total Environment Centre, today.  The urban park and tree massacre must stop, TEC said.

Sydney's Koalas - last chance as election looms

As the political parties battle for western Sydney seats with promises of new national koala parks - 20 environment and animal welfare groups have called on western Sydney state and federal MPs to take action to save Sydney’s koalas by ensuring Koala habitat and corridors are safeguarded before planned massive residential subdivisions.  

Are Solar Subsidies Fair?

The boom in rooftop solar is changing the grid, raising technical and equity concerns. Total Environment Centre and Renew have released a discussion paper on the implications for Australia.

Trees Versus Cycleway?

Fearing a fresh assault on the Eastern Suburbs' tree canopy, over 100 residents of Bundock, Sturt, Avoca Streets and other nearby areas in Randwick were moved to gather last weekend despite a heat wave and desiccating wind.

Will Gladys Save Sydney's Koalas?

Total Environment Centre gave provisional support today for the NSW state government’s recently announced $20 million private land purchase program which is intended to preserve critical koala habitat.  

Ian Kiernan: heroic, determined, inspiring

The passing of Ian Kiernan is a great loss to the Australian community.

Game Of Throwns

The launch of a stunning new waste-awareness project, WASTE NOT Mash It Up! takes place in Sydney Olympic Park next week on Tuesday September 4th at the climax of the annual Youth Eco Summit.

Teen Trashionistas Make Waste a Winner

Two post-apocalyptic catwalk parades of trashion couture made a huge impact on hundreds of students from around Sydney, and impressed the judging panel drawn from across the environment campaigning and fashion sectors, at the WASTE NOT - Mash It Up!  Launch at Sydney Olympic Park during the annual Youth Eco Summit on September 4th. 

Council Offsets Koalas For Cash

Unmitigated bush clearing is being green-washed with a conservation “offset” on Campbelltown Council’s watch at the Council owned Noorumba Nature Reserve, said Total Environment Centre today. It represents a serious threat to the already endangered local koala population.

Cashing In Sydney's Koalas

As Sydney's koala crisis deepens, and Labor and the Greens step up with electable solutions, TEC has been working with the Campbelltown community on a vision for the area that preserves this unique population, even as development escalates. Here is our update.

Teenagers For A Waste Free World

Game Of Throwns is a winner! Two teams of Sydney teenagers activated their passion for the planet with a catwalk featuring spectacular waste- to- trashion at the annual Youth Eco Summit at Sydney Olympic Park on September 4th 2018. Stay tuned in 2019 for the next round of WASTE NOT Mash It Up! - a competition inspiring high school students to turn garbage into gold.

Council Win For Koalas

Saving Sydney's Koalas! A small local council has convinced a big developer about to impact the character and landscape of Western Sydney to incorporate koala protection in all future developments. Congratulations Wollondilly Council!

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